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Tabrina and her friends are...
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Welcome to Katzen Kats Abyssinians

It's often been said, "Once an Aby owner - Always an Aby owner".  


While their striking appearance has something to do with this, it's their unique personality that brings people back to this remarkable breed. After having an Aby as a companion,  no one can complain of no one understanding them. 


In describing the Abyssinians personality words are often used such as "busy", "interactive" and even "perceptive". This of course, is because they are highly intelligent.


Even though I explain these traits to first time Aby owners, still I am told things like, "he amazes us everyday" or "we just had no idea how smart a cat could be" or "we've never had  a cat like this before", and another family is hooked on Abys! 


So, if you're contemplating adding an Aby to the family, be prepared for an adventure, filled with fun and affection!


Having said this, I welcome you to my world of Abys and hope you enjoy my site.

As always, I can be contacted at:


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