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The Kindergarten Kittens

After the nursery, my kittens "graduate" to the "Kindergarten" play room. This room is the first door off of my main living area and is only closed off by a screen type door, so these babies can both see and hear all regular house hold activities at all times.

Once in this room, they get to spend 2 or more, long periods of time each day, running free with me throughout the house. I call this "recess" time, even though it is actually more like "class time", as this is where they learn about normal household activities... and what a dog is all about!
As they grow, they spend more and more time out and about with me, the vacuum cleaner and the dog.

From the 'Kindergarten Room', they graduate again to carefully chosen new homes. A few graduate to being integrated with my main house hold of adult Abys. I call these graduates my "Teeny-Boppers". My "Teeny-Boppers" are either being kept as my own, or are being loved and nurtured until the right person/home arrives to carry on what has already been given them.

Although there may be many shots of one kitten, each litter is grouped together, with the "Mother's Name" in each title. Note: Please disregard dates posted as all will read January 1, year 2000.
(All the kittens shown in this album have been either reserved or placed.)

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