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The Tom Cat Frat

This album is where you can see and read about the toms in my breeding program.

My boys are selectively chosen for health, longevity and temperament, each having individual strong points in type, all of which are inherited traits, being passed on again to their kittens.

It's of the utmost importance that a breeding tom's inherited temperament and disposition be solid, "kind" and calm.

It's these "whole boys" that tend to spray, requiring special housing. Although my toms enjoy large cat runs, toys and things to climb on and are showered with affection, none the less, understandably they miss out on such luxuries as sharing my pillow with me, as my girls are allowed. Thus, for reasons even beyond the genes they will pass on, it's imperative for their own well being, that only the calmest of boys be kept for breeding.

On the other hand , some boys are actually too "affectionate" to be kept as breeders, visibly pining to be house pets again. Such boys are neutered early in their breeding careers, while there is still time to become wonderful, sweet non-spraying companions.

In any event, it's only this solid temperament, passed on that assures that every kitten will live up to the Abyssinian's wonderful reputation!

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