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...let's talk Abyssinians!

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About Me

Let me introduce you to my family. I'm Karen Katzen residing in the Portland Area of Oregon, while also spending much of my time in Santa Rosa CA. These are my granddaughters, Morgan and Rachel that live near by my Oregon home... and my dog Shawn.

I am a retired health care worker, now spending most of my time, caring for and socializing my kittens. They are all raised as part of my family, learning about dogs, doors and grandkids or as they say, "under foot"!

I've been raising Abyssinians for nearly 40 years now. My main focus has always been on health, temperament and longevity. I've always felt "The more BEAUTIFUL the cat - The longer it MUST live!" I pay special attention to producing calm, sweet dispositions in my Abys. Ones that are nervous or high strung are not used in my breeding program.

Although I no longer show, myself, I do stay current with the changes in "type", as seen in CFA Cat shows. I have both, the older more traditional type of Aby as well as more current types which are a bit more extreme, with others that are someplace in between.

My kittens always come with a full Health Record from birth for your Vet and a Health Guarantee in writing. My bloodlines are fully DNA screened for PKd (Pyruvate Kinase).

I maintain a "closed" breeding program, meaning my girls are never bred to outside toms, nor my toms to outside queens, thus preventing the common sharing of disease from one cattery to another.

After a kitten goes home, I pay special attention to being available for new owner support.

While I would prefer to place my kittens locally, so new owners can visit, I'm also willing to send kittens home by air, sometimes meeting for the first time at the airport. My kittens and I have been blessed with many wonderful new homes and an excellent placement record over the years, with so many new friendships along the way.

I look forward to meeting those of you who wish to contact me.

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