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A picture's worth a 1000 words...Ask any Aby owner!

Aby Albums

This what Abys are all about...  They long to bond with you, up close, face to face and nose to nose!

Sorority Girls

The Sorority Girls


The Tom Cat Frat

772 edited.png

Little Paws Nursery

Mercs girl 060.png

The Kindergarten Kittens

Megans blue 093.png

Some Kittens Have the Blues

Mr Carter finished Portrait.png

What is a Ruddy?

103 cropped green.png

Then There's the Fawn!

red 181.png

What Does a Red Aby Look Like?

004 full size_edited.jpg

Fun Shots

Sea 046.png

Special Requests

red boy 063.png

For Griffin, Spencer, and Riley

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