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Then There's The Fawn!

A Fawn is Special! It changes from pink to blue as it moves about among the living room lights, from lamp to lamp. First you see pink, then you see blue.

I could write much about the fawn as I was already breeding Abys when it was first conceived of and then created. The goal was to create a delicately shaded "mauve" cat. Over time, not all fawns have met that goal. However, I still breed for the original concept of "mauve". (a warm beige, with a blue overcast to it's coat, which creates the mauve effect.) There is no other cat or color, like a good Fawn Aby!

I want to see shades of blue over the pink, or rose beige, as though a rosy kitten had been lightly "dusted with blue baby powder". With a digital camera, Fawn is almost impossible to capture, as cameras think in either red or blue, not mauve. Thus, I have fewer pictures in this album. Besides, fewer Fawns are born!

One can't just "breed for Fawns". We simply have to take them as we get them, when the genes are right. The best Fawns are produced from Ruddys and/or Reds that both carry the dilute gene. To make my point, the genetic charts tell us that when two Ruddys, that both carry both a red and a blue gene are bred, only one kitten in a hundred will be a Fawn! So, Yes... a well bred Fawn is "special"!

Then sometimes we get lucky with a "coupling" that constantly has at least one Fawn in four. (or that one dilute may be a blue instead) "Tully X The Sundance Kid" is my lucky coupling. (a Red and a Ruddy) They have had several litters together now, giving me my best Fawns!

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