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Some Kittens Have The Blues

This album is to show you the "color blue", rather than any available kittens.

The color "Blue" was the third Abyssinian color accepted by the CFA registry. The gene that creates Blue is called a "dilute" gene.

CFA recognizes only two "dilute" colors, "Blue" and "Fawn". (See my album called "Then there's the Fawn" to see some lovely Fawns.)

A Blue Aby should not only look blue,(rather than gray) but should also have warm colored trim down it's legs and on its undercarriage, visible from the side. This warm color is called "oatmeal". It ranges from tan to pink, depending on the overall depth of color.

A well bred "Blue Aby" is about as close as one can get, to a true "pink and blue" cat! The contrast of "Blue" on the top, with "Pink" on the bottom, is both unique and striking in the cat fancy.

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