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What Does a Red Aby Look Like?

These Abys are merely to show you what the color "Red" looks like. None of these Abys are still available. However, some very close relatives are available.

Red should never look like, or be thought of as a "diluted" or lessor color. RED is RED! Red without even one "black" hair!

There are many shades of red from Flaming Red to dark Mahogany. Reds are some times called sorrels, especially in other countries. Reds should have good ticking, just as Ruddies do, except that this ticking has a dark brown banding instead of black.

Many people think the only Aby they can appreciate is a Ruddy... that is until they meet a quality Red Aby - face to face! Then often, they simply fall in love!

They often find a red to be just a bit more "glitzy", with more facial contrast than the more commonly seen Ruddy.

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